My session fees for portrait sessions range from $175-$250. Your session fee goes toward your fully customized photography experience; including session planning, your time being photographed, editing, and an in person ordering session. Sessions will take place at an agreed upon location.  My favorite sessions are on location at client’s homes, parks, or at a property that is sentimental to you. The number of portraits that are taken are based on many factors: type of session, number of people, the location, and if there are any requests that you have. Most sessions yield, on average, 20+ images for you to choose from.

Before your portrait session, I like to have a complimentary consultation with each client, whether this be over the phone or in person. Consultations allow me to get to know you better, and also allows me to get a better feel for what you need and want out of your portrait session.

Once your session has been photographed and processed, I will contact you to set up a time to schedule an ordering session to view your images. The ordering session is held between 5-7 days after your portrait session has been fully processed. Prints, products, and digital files are sold separately.  There is no minimum order requirement.  You only order what you love.  Clients typically invest between $300 and $2000 on their custom artwork.  These heirloom pieces are meant to be passed down and enjoyed for years to come.